Anitone Tonic Organic Supplement 20L


Anitone stands as a premier natural, organic liquid mineral and trace element feed supplement suitable for all animals.

Crafted as a liquid, organic nutritional supplement, Anitone offers a rich blend of minerals and trace elements, meticulously chelated for superior bioavailability, catering to the dietary needs of all domestic animals.

Distinguished by its unparalleled composition, Anitone reigns as the sole liquid animal supplement in the market boasting an extensive array of ingredients. Beyond vital minerals, it encompasses crucial amino acids for metabolic optimisation ensuring comprehensive nutritional support for animal production.

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Anitone is a liquid, organic nutritional supplement that provides over 60 minerals and trace elements in a highly bioavailable, chelated form. It is specially formulated to enhance the diets of all domestic animals.

Why Choose Anitone?
Anitone stands out as a liquid animal supplement with such a comprehensive range of ingredients. It contains essential minerals, and amino acids to optimise metabolism.
Fermented through a process that mimics natural digestive processes, Anitone is highly palatable and relished by most animals. It can help increase weight gains and overall feed conversion, support recovery from respiratory infections and other illnesses, and reduce stress in livestock after events like mustering, weaning, and transportation.

Suitable for All Animals:
Cattle (Beef & Dairy)
Camels & Alpacas
Dogs & Cats

Versatile Application Methods:
Oral drench
In a feed ration mix
Sprayed onto feed such as hay or grain
Added to drinking water

When to Use Anitone:
In the sheep industry, Anitone can be added to trail-fed grain, lick feeders, or mixed with commercial drenches and given orally.

In the cattle industry, it can be easily added to feed or water. Its high palatability makes it user-friendly and effective in transitioning animals to processed feed.

Farmers have successfully used Anitone to finish animals for sale or show. Many report increased overall farm fertility, growth rates, and production parameters after introducing Anitone. It has also proven effective in boosting the success of AI (Artificial Insemination) and ET (Embryo Transfer) operations.

Anitone is completely natural with a nil withholding period, making it ideal for the livestock industry. It is entirely safe, easy to use, and has no implications for food residues in all classes of food animals.

Choose Anitone to elevate the health and productivity of your animals with a trusted, natural, and comprehensive nutritional supplement.