Camels and Alpacas

Anitone Animal Supplements for Camels and Alpacas

Anitone was first commercially developed for the racing camel market in the Middle East. There camels perform in arduous conditions, and are fed a diet of imported feeds.

Nutritional deficiencies in racing camels are rife and profoundly affect camel health and performance.

Anitone is a very useful product for both camels and alpacas. It’s highly palatable to them, and easy to administer in either feed or water. This allows daily dosage with no stress to the animal or product wastage.

Additionally, Anitone is a highly robust product with a long stable shelf life, as it was originally designed to go to the Middle East and withstand less than ideal storage conditions in hot tin sheds.

A camel looks directly into the camera


Adult Alpacas


Cria: 5mls

Adult camels

300kg: 40ml Camels


Anitone is an ideal tonic for sick or stressed animals, during pregnancy or lactation or during the recovery from illness or disease. In the racing camel, it is an ideal pick-up after strenuous exercise.

In alpacas, field trials have demonstrated that regular doses of Anitone in the diet benefit fleece quality, and improves the coat condition of show animals in both colour and texture.

2 alpacas being led by their handlers at a show