Dairy Cattle

Anitone Animal Supplements and Dairy Cattle

Dairy cattle nutrition is cutting edge by necessity. It’s required to drive high production along with maximum longevity.

Maximum growth for the dairy heifer, maximum fertility and maximum length of lactation are all big demands on nature and cow physiology. This is not made easier in an industry that is extremely sensitive to global economics in tandem with seasonal variations of climate affecting cost of grain and overall production.

Under intense production pressure, dairy cows are also prone to stress from environmental conditions such as social crowding due to high stocking rates and climatic extremes.

They must be maintained on high concentrate diets to support the extreme energy demand for lactation. Therefore, they have very high requirements of both minerals and fat soluble vitamins. Sometimes, cattle simply cannot eat enough to get these requirements out of their diet.

In any dairy herd there are tail-enders who are struggling to keep up, together with the casualties from difficult births that can occur in less than ideal environmental conditions. Anitone is a truly useful tool to have on hand for the dairy farmers as it has nil witholding period and can be safely given to any milking cows or calves as a pick up and wonderful stress buffer.

A show calf being led by its owner


Cattle over 300kg

60mls daily, or as often as possible

Give daily if stressed or sick

Cattle/ calves under 300kg

30mls daily, or as often as possible

Give daily if stressed or sick

In Water


Can be added to water troughs

In TMR (Total Mixed Rations)

Use at a ratio of 2%

Either poured over feed or mixed in auger.

Anitone is highly palatable and can be poured on feed or mixed in watering system. It’s very useful for any cows coming into the herd who need a lift, especially those that might be a little inappetant or depressed after calving. For dairy calves, it can be easily added to the milk and can help relieve scouring and boost the immune system. The huge array of nutrients in Anitone help to support beneficial gut microbes, immediately increasing wellbeing and general demeanour.

As appetite improves, the animal recovers.

Anitone is a super food supplement and not a complete feed, and is not designed to replace good quality pellets and feed sources. Rather, it complements them by nourishing gut micro flora so that cattle can better digest and assimilate the daily ration fed. There is no danger of over-supplementing with Anitone as all the chelated minerals it contains are presented are in the same biological form as the plants that made them originally. Therefore, they can be easily absorbed or excreted accordingly.

In animals under high production stress it’s difficult to know if all their dietary needs are being met. Using Anitone regularly in these situations helps to cover all bases.

Anitone was originally developed to help to stimulate the appetite of highly stressed thoroughbred racehorses suffering from ulcers. These animals are not so different in that their metabolism is pushed to their physical limits, in a similar level of demand as on the modern dairy cow.

A close-up shot of a cows healthy udder