Anitone Animal Supplements for Pigs

In modern agriculture, pigs are under intense pressure to grow and reproduce as fast as possible.

Intensive piggeries feed complete rations that are scientifically balanced to cover all bases.

However, there are periods of stress in the intensive piggery cycle for any pigs at weaning time, and at farrowing. This is when a product such as Anitone comes in handy.

A Pig Supplement For Good Health

Frequently weaner pigs are inappetant and Anitone is very useful at this time as an appetite stimulant and general boost to wellbeing and the immune system of the young pig.

Administering Anitone Supplement To Pigs

It can be easily administered orally, added to rations or watering systems. Small daily doses of Anitone during periods of stress will provide extra supplementation of many nutrients lacking from pelleted and processed feeds, and where pigs are shedded and cannot access fresh ground.

Anitone Animal Supplements Australia


Adult pigs 100-200kg

20ml daily

Pigs 50-100kg

10ml daily


5mls daily

Anitone is also very useful to boost up a sow after farrowing and for any sows that have had prolonged labours or large litters. Supplementation with Anitone during this time will help increase milk production and enable the litter to flourish. Anitone may also be used in the last weeks of finishing to assist in high feed conversion and succulent muscle texture prior to slaughter. It is also useful in the preparation of pigs for show, as it improves skin condition and appearance, as well as producing high vitality.

High vitality also enables the animals to cope better with the stress of transport to sale or show.

There is nil with holding period.

Anitone Animal Supplements Australia