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Anitone Animal Supplements for Dogs and Cats

Pets are essentially captive animals, confined by the boundaries of pen, house or yard. They are unable to obtain the wild food that their ancestral blueprint would have consumed or hunted.

The wild hunting carnivores ate the full carcass of their kill, and this included its gut contents. This includes partially digested, fermented plant material. Such a diet is almost impossible to reproduce in the urbanized pet living in the modern world. However, there are a large range of scientifically balanced processed foods available that provide a very high level of nutrition.

However, these foods by nature are highly processed, and pass through the digestive system very quickly. Hence, they’re tagged as being “highly digestible”. While they may contain all the minerals listed on their packaging, it’s unknown whether all pets can absorb and assimilate all of these minerals and vitamins effectively.

A healthy dog and cat



0.5 ml/5kg body weight

Dose daily for optimal results

Anitone has proven to be a useful addition to the diet of any pets with skin problems, or chronic degenerative disease, or those that are elderly. It can be easily poured over their biscuits, canned food, or raw meat diets either daily or a few times a week. Treats or food morsels can be dipped in Anitone (as you would use a dipping sauce on the human table) and then fed. Some fussy animals take a little while to get used to Anitone’s pungent, fermented smell, but it is highly palatable and they will start to take it when a little hungry, before continuing to accept it readily.

Anitone is especially useful for breeders who are supporting breeding females and young. It imparts great vitality and helps maintain plentiful milk production which results in healthy, vigorous litters.

Anitone is also useful for any hand rearing of animals, as it can be added to milk and to rations with ease.

Anitone is such a versatile product that is appreciated by all who keep animals, whether they are large or small.

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