Anitone Dose Rate Guide

The following information is a guide to recommended does rates for a range of common animals. Where there is a range in recommended dose this represents a scale for larger or smaller animals. Dose rates should be adjusted proportionately.

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Animal Weight Dose
Cattle Adults over 300kg 20-40ml
Adults under 300kg 10-20ml
Calves 10ml
Sheep Adults 15ml
Lambs 5ml
Goats Adults 10-15ml
Kids 5ml
Alpaca Adults 15ml
Cria 5mls
Pigs Adults 10-20ml
Piglets 5mls
Horses Adults over 300kg 20-40ml
Adults under 300kg 10-20ml
Foals 10ml
Poultry Adults 0.5-1ml
Chickens 0.5ml
Dogs Adults under 5kg 2ml
Adults 5kg to 20kg 2-10ml
Adults over 20kg 10-20ml
Puppies 1ml
Cats Adults 2-3ml
Kittens 0.5ml
Rabbits Adults 1-3mls
Kittens 0.5ml
Guinea pigs Adults 1-3mls
Pups 0.5ml

Water 1-2% or 10 – 20 L per 1000L

Stress dose for animals over 300kg


Stress dose for animals under 300kg


Stress dose for pets over 10kg


Stress dose for pets under 10kg