Goats are browsing animals by nature who would naturally consume more mineral rich higher vegetation from trees and shrubs, as well as grasses. Therefore, goats have quite high and critical mineral requirements, and may more easily become depleted on pasture-based systems where they are prevented from free range foraging. Mineral supplementation is therefore generally recommended for all goat farming operations in confined conditions, whereas free ranging feral goats in pastoral regions are able to overcome potential deficiencies by consuming a huge variety of forage across vast acreages.

Mineral supplementation may be offered in the form of free choice licks, which can be variable in quality and also in the amount the animal consumes and absorbs. However, free choice licks are the best way to deliver the macrominerals such as calcium, magnesium, and sulphur into their diet.

Anitone is a highly palatable liquid that is readily consumed by goats and is therefore very useful to mix with feed rations. However, goats generally do not accept having Anitone put through their watering systems as they can be very fussy about the new smell of their waters.

Regular use of Anitone in the diet of goats will supply the full array of 60 minerals, including the rare traces, as well as Vitamin A, D and E, and key amino acids. This is an ideal supplement for dairy goats under nutritional stress, and for raising orphan kids, as it can be easily added to daily feed rations, including mixed with milk in a bottle. It is an ideal tonic for any sick or stressed goat recovering from kidding, illness, or injury. Also, very useful for preparing goats for sale or show, as it enhances skin and coat colour and generally brightens demeanour.


  • Adult goats: 10mls daily
  • Kid’s 5mls daily

Dose may be doubled in stress, pregnancy, kidding or lactation or recovery from illness or injury.