On the productive beef enterprise, every cow must raise a calf a year, and she must reach an ideal weight to start her reproductive life at the right age, then continue this reproductive life as long as possible.

Repeated pregnancy and lactations take their toll on the mother, and she can become depleted very easily.

It can be difficult to supplement cattle on dams out on pasture with an oral liquid supplement such as Anitone, and therefore good pasture management, plus the use of high quality free choice licks when necessary is most practical in these conditions. However, wherever it is possible to water cattle via troughs, it is possible to use Anitone in the watering systems at low and regular doses to gain the benefit of the humates and array of 60 trace minerals, which would be rarely contained in pasture. Many producers running cattle in dry climates choose to add Anitone to the watering troughs during the hot summer months.

Anitone can also be added to any mixed rations, or poured over hay, and will be readily consumed because the cattle just love the smell of it and will seek it out readily.

Anitone can be very useful in the feedlot, as it may work alongside the formulated ration to assist to counteract acidosis when the cattle first come in, and also to assist to calm them mentally to accept their new environment.

Trials are underway to document the numerous reports from farmers that have observed that Anitone has greatly assisted increasing weight gains and overall feed conversion. Anitone may also be used as a pick up for any sick or stressed cattle, especially after difficult calving’s, or for supporting recovery from respiratory infections and other illness. It is also ideal for any scouring young calves, and whenever cattle have been stressed by weaning, illness or transport. Anitone is also useful to assist finishing bulls for bull sales and for preparing show cattle and under these circumstances is easily added to their feed ration daily.


  • Cattle over 300kg – 60mls daily Give 100mls daily if stressed or sick
  • Cattle/Calves under 300kg – 30mls daily
  • IN WATER at 2mls/litre]
  • In TMR (Total Mixed Rations) use at 2%Dairy Cattle