Our cows thrive on Anitone. I call it my “Medi” or my “Booster” and I give it to anything that’s a bit poorly and also to all my show cattle.

During a long hot summer, I also pour it in the troughs for all the herd. I have noticed that it improves appetite hugely – it takes about 10 days to really start working on them, but calves will start showing results quicker usually within 2 or 3 days. Anitone is brilliant for any sick or orphaned calves and I give it to them at the rate of 10mls per day and find that they really lift and thrive.

Farmers have needed a product like this that is there for the ones that have a problem. No matter how good your operation, you will always have some that have problems, and its great to have Anitone there in the shed on hand to help get them back. Anitone is also a real help to turning the cattle out well for show and sales. I recommend it highly to all stud breeders.