Buys in lambs to fatten and also breeds from SAMM ewes – turning over approximately 2000 Lambs/year.

“We have been using Anitone for the past 4 years, and it is a crucial part of the success of my operation. I buy all the crook looking lambs from the saleyards and they are usually cheap because no one wants them when they look so bad. I take them home, and upon unloading them, I drench each lamb with 15 mls Anitone and I give them Glanvac. I then put them into feedlot paddocks which are about 50 acres in size, and there they have access to grain feeders and pasture. I coat the grain that goes into the feeders with Anitone as well – I use 5 litres of Anitone to 5 litres of water, and coat the grain at 10 litres/ton. I find they really like the smell of the Anitone because they get straight into the grain and eat really well. I sometimes give them a weekly 15ml drench of Anitone as well if they are really poor. I also include Anitone into all my regular drenching programmes.”